Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everything Talks

Everything Talks

Everything Talks
Every person
Has a voice to hear.

It's there in the taste of
An apple
In the color of
The morning shy
And in the feel of
The skin you wear.

Everything has a voice
That says something back to you
About the world
And about this life
That you are apart of
In the now moment.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Intro: Sir Warren G

Allow me to introduce myself.......
My name is Sir Warren G age seventeen and now I ain't no English knight or English Lord just a bit unlucky. I'm just an Amercian Black kid of the southern maryland parts born and raised. My old man....well he was just had the bad luck to win the Title off of some english Lord in a three person card game.

It had been a fixed game, but the fix had been on dear old crazy Dad. He had been choosen to win but he had also made an enemy that night but now that stuff was over as of a few hour ago.

My old man, Sir Lucky Lee G was dead now....Finally! Thank God! Not a moment to soon for my taste but something was still off. So, I set the meeting up fast!I can still feel that weird vibe between us. It's like the old men are still somewhere trying to pull our strings for their own sense of play in my life.All the same I shrug it off. It was only the last whispers of hateful old dead men and their diseased malice in the cold fog air.

I had called Luke over to the middle ground of where both our Clan's lands marked the middle way the gravyard. Still I had to wait a while at the entrance of the gates for him to come and the meet in the middle of the graveyard ground. So, here we are now in the middle ground grave yard.

Luke Douglas Nain 3nd had no friendly greeting when he finnally arrived or more or less appeared from out of the fog. Only a small smile and strange look in his eyes directed at me. He said nothing at all only waiting for me to speak first. I would have to guess. So I spoke first.

"So that's it, man! My pop's is gone now. You ready to just end this clan feud midevil grabbag nonsense.... Luke I can sell you the title now. The old men are dead and gone no longer able to order us arou--"

I stopped speaking when caught it. The thing he was hidding. He had given himself away for a instant but thats all it takes.I could see it now in his dark brown eyes the sign that the last spark of hate was still burning. Only now it was burning hotter in newer and younger eyes. Just like the eyes of his old man and mean. The one thing that was the same between both men. The Killing Hate.It ain't over. He began with light note in his voice but I wasn't hearing any of it now. I thinking about how to get out fast and about my butler and if she was still alive.

I had already started counting down to the moment. As he started to get to the point.

"My dear Sir...Warren Gensis I trully agree. It's time we end it and begin a new day in the history of Valley Spring Maryland----"

He moved for his hidden blaster. Man, he was fast. Faster still then I remembered.

I bearly had time to get my blaster out when this fool blasted me in the chest sending me thirty or more feet in to the air.Then, again maybe I'm the fool for not seeing this coming. My old man would have. Lucky never fit into the normal guy or father mold but when his life was on the line he always moved faster then his enemies.

I landed hard. Not on the ground but on a grave stone on the ground knocking the wind out of my body. My chest felt like it was on fire and was strangely thankful for that feeling. The old body armor had worked but then again it wasn't over.I could hear Luke coming slowly. Ever careful but could not miss the opportunity to end the feud the way we both had been taught. The theme running that has been running strong from father to son.

The same old'l midevil stuff......well fine. I thought so be it.

The saga begins
to be continues........

Monday, July 27, 2009

G.I joe

G.I joe a real american hero.

I can't ever remember having the a toy or action figure of my own.....but I can remember the cartoon reruns I used to watch over and over again and again.

My favorite was always the Ninja the Duke....just because of his name and atitude.

Can't wait for it... in the mean time I'll just have to go for reading Spy novels and watching bourn identity.

Man the site and movie just go together.....but still hope that don't mess up the story line because you never know with hollywood....

Friday, July 24, 2009


I never.....never should have seen the "The Matrix Revolutions" but then again you got to taste the bad movies to find know what a good movie truely looks like.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On setting sun

On setting sun

I will gaze up at the sky

In the darken hours and find

The full moons awaiting glow.

I will recall the events and stories of the day

Some good and

Some terrible then I will put it all out of my head.

I will prepare myself and my mind for

Tomorrow's events and stories and I will smile like every night before

On the unknown journey I will take

On the rises of the sun's day.
Mission statment for the today and this lifetime:
1. Showcase my writing abilities for the world to see.
2.Earn my way in many hearts of future readers to my many works.
3.bring enjoyment, laughter and thoughtfulness in time allow on earth before I become worm food.