Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jason Lezak

Man just thinking about the 08 olympics games and that one swimming race.... the men's 4x100 freestyle relay was my race I loved every moment of it BUT Jason Lezak's swim I could not get enough time afterward the next day's afterward of replays on the web.

Ah! inspiring to me......

Saturday, November 21, 2009

dream 1

I sew the signs of the night demon. Its stench was in the air it smelled of violence and madness and I know who its target was to have awaken it from its two month long sleep. The sweet scent of that foolish girl was in the air again she was walking the forest grounds in the dead of the night.

High above on top of my favorite tree I looked up at the fully bright blue moon and scowled at it as it shined its mystic light on my face. It had been the moon that had called to her whispering for her to come out in to the night for a walk. I know this because the moon had a like feeling for me but it called to me in a different way it had whispered to me that it was time for the hunt to begin.

In the start of the night I welcomed its whispering call but now it annoyed me. My atention returned to the beast that lay in wait for girl to pass its tracking path some where on the forest floor. I can not see with my own normal human but I know it is there.

I count the seconds until it reveals itself then I will strike it down.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I CHEATED! But it's OK

I like this guy...I've been watching his blogs for a few months and watching his new and old videos all of them are good.

Friday, November 6, 2009


What a week it has been.
Not question just a general statment for the speed and periods of bordom I've had but already though I can say I've gotten some reading and alot of writing done. Maybe not so much online but for the most part on my iMac apple computer typing away on a the story I've been working on that truly I like it. A wait a minute let me try a line or two:

"I hav en't always been the way I am now." Se said softly.

"Really? Ali never talked of you being anything then what you are."

"Yeah! Well when I was a kid I had a softer nature then the one I have now. I didn't always had my wife to watch out for me and teach guild me along. I owe a lot to her."

"Your life?" De looked at Se's profile as he frowned.

Se nodded. "That and the better life she would have had if she didn't desire to go with me where ever a could get jobs with my one true talent."

"Sounds like a great woman."

Se smiled and nodded to that true fact.

"We re' going to find her then Se."

De held out his hand Se took his hand in a firm shake and they both let go at the same time.

Hmmmmm. I like that. I think that I'll add that to my story.

What do you think?
Drop me a comment....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mai (blogging stoy)


Mai woke up to the pain shooting through his body. The battle was still rageing on all around him and he just wished he could find a hole and rest for a while but his duty was calling to raise above the pain and fear that were trying to take control of him now. Truthfully though the body was still being hostage by the crazy idiot and so. He raises from the forest ground with his sword gripped in his right hand and heads off north deeper in to the grey forest where he hears the shouts and vilence still going on.

To be continued....