Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sir Warren G

My name is Sir Warren G. I'll get to the rest later but right now its time for me to make a run for it.

Luke is just a few yards away now when the blast goes off.


The count down is now over when I hear the sound of the explosion go off.The self-destruction mode on my blaster just went off.

I look up in time to see Luke's atention fully enaged in the direction of the explosion I move into a dead run in the direction I can remember the exit being that leads toward my home turf and where I left my car.

I still have one problem though.I can still hear Luke coming after me though.

He's firing wild shots in my general direction. They where getting close but the fog was making it hard on his aim.

"Come back here you dirty G and face me like a man. Ahhhhhhhh!"

I dock my head and bearly dodge a blaster blast.O.K. I think to myself. What is he the screaming about? I don't even know where his head is anymore. But, then again I don't care anymore.

I'm out of here. I was so glad that I left my stuff in The Challenger this morning before I took off for the meeting with Mr. Crazy Jr. I could not wait to leave this crazy place behind me. I could only hope that Miles, parked it out front like I asked. As I rounded the gate out of the graveyard I slam it close behind me and avoid another blast directed at me that the gate takes.

"Booooooom!"I put on the speed then when hear the broken and destroyed gate kicked to the ground and the sound of the same running feet after me. It still don't matter because my car is safe and sound parked on the street outside of the G mansion that was on fire. It was only then that I noticed the smell in the air and the annoying laughter of Luke Rain following me from behind.

"Hmmmm. Look at that! dad's place is burning down."This gave me a pause. But, not in movment or sadness. What did I care! I was going to sell the place anyway.I've just been aced out of the gas money for my car on the sale of the house.The only thing left that really worries me is the safety of my butler/maid Mrs. Miles.

I hope she made a break for it. But knowing her I think otherwise with her frame of thinking she always provides a surprise.

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