Monday, August 3, 2009

Sir Warren G

My name is Sir Warren G and I feel like the soon to be dead fool Sir Warren G and I'm laying on a broken grave stone and my blaster is God only knows where lieing the ground somewhere a far off in the graveyard middle ground.

I count the minutes now. Until his closer arrival toward where my body lay. Why? One, I have the time, due to the fact of how far that sick fool blasted me backward in to the air. Two, I've got a plan going right now.

Lucky, for me I had forgotton how to let down my guard and I came to the meeting prepared with a blaster my blaster armor and a backup excape plan. I just didn't really think that I would need all of that I really thought it would end tonight. But instead it begins again the old man was right.

"Never leave home with out your body armor, boy. Don't want those Backstabbing Nain devils getting the drop on my boy. Then I'd have to marry a young little thing get me another boy to carry on my name. The Elders won't leave me alone otherwise."

My Good'ol cazy pain in the but Dad would say that everyday to me everyday. Even on the day I took off for a year of forced guardian trainning (that I didn't want to do). In fact it was his last words before he died a few hours a go.

Man, Luke was one crazy wait even better one crazy blaster shooting quick drawing devil. Dregg. What was wrong here?

I have known Luke Nain going on sense both of us where taught how to shot a blaster.Sense we where about four or six I think. I forget the good times when all had to worry about was how could get my big toe in my mouth and not have to worry about the feud with the clan next door.The last time I checked my last memory of how Luke Nain's thinking went on the subject of the clan wars it was the same as mine.

It was all some old school clan war/feuding nosense that don't matter now or then. I had only been away for only had a few months of trainning. I had been against it early on but later it had been great having a life outside the clan's war atmosphere even with the hard training of The Keepers and the consent lessons by the Elders. The whole short time was challenging to me and fun at the same time I felt like a kid. It had been like I was away at school. Well, short of if you forget the fact that I was being trained by anciant old warriors.

Now I'm here right back in the mess but this time I have a major role in the play. Already I've been downed in the first round.

Stranger still was Luke's upgraded ability with the quick drawing thing and hate in his eyes for him. What did I do to him to get that sneering look? I have to ponder what all this means later. But first I have got to get out of middle ground that it was no longer safe ground. It won't be long now. I've got just a few more mintes down until the explosion should go off on my blaster. It should be distraction enough for him.

To be continued..........

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